Declan Collins - Vocals/Guitar

Declan sings the blues.

1. How fast do hot cakes sell?

If by "Hot Cakes" you mean hookers in Rio, then pretty fast!

2. Why is Greg so hairy and why do you like him so much?

His barber refuses to shave him and I pretend to like him because he still owes me money!!

3. Can animals commit suicide?

Yes! They're throwing themselves freely onto the roads as we speak

4. Why do you bite your tongue when you play guitar?

I'm trying not to speak out of turn while rocking.

5. Should they bury people with their braces on? Why?

No!! They don't need to keep their trousers up because they're lying down.

6. Do Jewish vampires avoid crosses or Stars of David?

Vampires don't exist except for in the minds of teenage girls. As a matter of fact the person who asked that question must be a teenage girl!

7. What is your favorite Suze Orman catch phrase?

"Buy my books and DVD's so i don't have any debt!"

8. Why do British people never sound British when they sing?

Umm... bad question - David Bowie hardly sounds Texan now does he mate?

9. Are you strong enough to raise the bar?

Yes. Not only to raise it but to keep most Bars up till 4am..later if I'm in Rio.

10. Where do people in Hell tell other people to go?

Bay Ridge.

11. What is your favorite cold beverage? And hot?

Cold - Jameson and Guarana. Hot drinks are for wimps.

12. When you go to Brazil, they will drug you, remove and sell your kidney. Truth or urban legend?

Truth! They're nothing but a bunch of thieving bastards down there.

13. Why don't they sell hot dogs at McDonald's?

They'd have to call the hot dog the Long Mac and that just sounds dirty.

14. If time is money, how many hours are in your pocket right now?

Zero. I'm naked.

15. Why is your hair always so nice?

I go to the Barber of Bay Ridge for cuts.

16. What other name would you give to Maybe The Welders?

Five Years in Hell.

17. What is your favorite curse word and why?

Bollocks! because it's part of the title of a really great album too...

18. Were gods astronauts?

Not likely..but they could have been Cosmonauts.

19. Why aren't you famous yet?

I think it's my haircut.

20.What do you wish to say to your fans?

Hi, Dane!!