Ten Questions for Pitti!

1. Are you more like Ringo or the one-armed drummer in Def Leppard?

Neither. I am aspiring to one day be like Meg White.Fingers crossed.

2. Do you think you missed out when you passed on Karma Train as the name of the band?

It is a very touchy subject. No comments.

3. Do you own a bedazzler? If not, how do you ever set foot on stage without one?

I don't have one but I do have connections.

4. It's not a secret that Maybe the Welders plans to take over the world. The question is, how do you plan to beat Martha Stewart to the punch?

Why would we even try to beat our future manager to the punch. Oops. Goota go check on my poaching pears.

5. As a vegetarian, you probably would not eat eat a gerbil, but would you object to having gerbils shot out of a cannon for sport?

No. As long as they are not aimed at Richard Gere.

6. What is your opinion of third world beards?

Let's talk mustaches first. Baby steps.

7. Can you still wear straw after labor day?

Only if attached to a BIG glass of caipirinha.

8. What scares you more, upside down tornadoes or Count Chocula?

Neither. I actually have been sucked in to an upside down tornado as i was eating Count Chocula with vanilla soy milk. I must confess, i got a little nauseous.

9. Shutter Island is a mental hospital for the criminally insane. How is any different from Manhattan?

It isn't. Manhattan is just bigger.

10. There are deep dimensions of compatibility between you and your band mates. Did you meet on E Harmony?

If by compatibility you mean a high level of extra terrestrial tolerance.Spot on!..well, not really. First of all, harmony came much later. The absolute truth is that when i decided to turn my dream of getting a band together into reality, I was very lucky to have found Greg and Declan working under the same restaurant roof with me.The rest is history in the making.