Steve Ferrara- Bass

1. Rumor has it you checked into re-hab so you could be more like Steve Tyler. How did that work for you?

Do you have any? Oh wait right, what are you doing after this interview? Wanta hang out?

2. When you are drunk you become a different person. Who do you become?

An isosceles triangle.

3. There is obviously a very healthy sexual tension btw yourself and Declan. What is the attraction? Is it because he eats a lot of animal protein?

He's just a cutie. Oh and he reminds me of Boy George. He should really wear more hats, you know accessorize.

4. Can animals commit suicide?

Of course! You gota talk to'em you know.

5. We know you just pretend to be a vegetarian. Please explain your love for rancid mutton?

Just ask Declan.

6. What are subjects someone might typically find in your browser history?

I don't know how to read???? I thought our publicist cleared that up with you pre- interview........where's Ronnie? Ahhhh! How come I don't have any bars?

7. If you had to pick a band mate for a date, where would you take Greg?

Oh I just called him, he's my back up hook up after this thing is done. I mean incase you flake. Hey, you got 50 bucks?

8. How does Freddy Krueger wipes his ass?

Come on ask me something hard. In little girls faces, preferably blond ones. Always has to be a real rock star you know. Total coke dick though. Fuck that guy!

9. Is Music Theory related to the Theory of Relativity? If so, how?

Well I at least know song writting is. It kinda goes like this, you see, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. Did you ever think that just cause something might be right for you doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Ohhhh, mmm, ahhhh. Hey man you wanta go jam?

10. What did you do prior to joining the band? A) Recruited volunteers to tug on invisible rope during your magic act at a correctional facility. B) Ran a shelter that specialized in homeless orgies. C) Formed an insane Clown posse to heckle people with an excess of moles or a single eyebrown.

Hey man the homeless is people too and everyone need lov'n. I think the bible said that didn't it, exept all old englishly and shit. You follow me?